3rd Children's Drawing Contest against Child Labor

Veracruz, June 13, 2019 - In the framework of the World Day Against Child Labor, the 3rd Children's Drawing Contest was held to raise awareness of child labor in the sugarcane field.

The objective of the event was to involve children and adolescents in the prevention and eradication of child labor in the sugarcane agribusiness.

This is the third year that the contest is held as part of an initiative of the National Chamber of the Sugar and Alcohol Industries (CNIAA) coordinated with World vision Mexico as part of the Campos de Esperanza Project, the National Union of Cañeros (CNPR), Association of Sugar Technicians of Mexico (ATAM), the National Union of Sugar Cane Producers (UNCA), College of Professional and Postgraduate in Education of the State of Veracruz and Liceo de los Tuxtlas. The theme of the contest was “Los niños no trabajan en el campo, juegan y construyen sus sueños”, donde participaron alrededor de 44 niños, niñas y adolescentes de 12 a 15 años de los estados de Veracruz, Sinaloa y Jalisco. La convocatoria se realizó con el impulso de 6 ingenios: El Dorado, Tala, Constancia, Providencia, La Gloria y San Pedro.

The event was achieved with the coordinated efforts of several institutions with the objective of preventing and reducing child labor from a childhood perspective.

Brenda Eunice Flores Muñoz, an athlete and Olympic medalist, was a special guest to give a few words to the participating girls, boys and teenagers, prompting them to strive and be determined to achieve their dreams.

Since 2016, World Vision, the CNIAA and various sugar mills have worked in coordination to develop mechanisms and alternatives that help the sustainability of the sector, with child labor and the promotion of health and safety in the field as the themes Priority From the Campos de Esperanza project, the public and private sector relationship has been sought to share ideas and good practices on how to address this problem in the Mexican countryside.

National Chamber of the Sugar and Alcohol Industries

Asosication that brings together 90% of the ingenious sugar producers in Mexico, which seek to promote the growth and integral competitiveness of Agroindustry, promoting the modernization processes that are required to spread its economic, social and cultural importance and contribute to its sustainable development. It has the badge of Industry without Child Labor granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in the 2016 edition. It currently has processes, policies and programs that are part of a dynamic work in which they create synergies with the different actors of the agribusiness and They are in permanent work to continue developing, promoting and stimulating the ingenious in strengthening their social programs and actions. Likewise, they are a link with other organizations to ensure the development of the industry for the benefit of all those involved in the sector.

World Vision Mexico and Fields of Hope

We are an international humanitarian organization that works for girls and boys to live free of poverty, tenderly protected and in sustainable communities through projects of: water and health, education, nutrition, child protection, prevention and emergency care. We work together with families, communities, government and civil society organizations to achieve the integral well-being of boys and girls. 

The Campos de Esperanza Project is an international cooperation initiative, funded by the United States Department of Labor and implemented by World Vision Mexico, in conjunction with the implementing partners: Solidaridad Internacional Kanda, A.C. (SiKanda) and Fund for Peace A.C .; with the purpose of preventing child labor and promoting the improvement of working conditions in migrant farming communities in Oaxaca and Veracruz in the sugarcane and coffee sectors.

Cover photo or header: World Vision México / Oscar Rivera
Content photo: World Vision Mexico / Oscar Rivera