Employability training for youth

With the objectives of addressing the low access to jobs in the communities and provide work alternatives to youth who work in dangerous activities in the agricultural sector, the project in coordination with government agencies at the state level provides technical training for youth.

ICAPET and ICATVER are institutions that offer courses that are adapted to the needs of each region, facilitating access to the labor market for men and women or, where appropriate, allowing them to carry out activities through self-employment. In September 2019, World Vision Mexico signed an agreement with both institutions with the aim of promoting employment alternatives that contribute to the reduction of agricultural child labor in the municipalities of San Miguel Soyaltepec and Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa, in Oaxaca, and Zongolica y Tezonapa, in Veracruz.

In Oaxaca the training provided are: two in beauty, two in handicrafts in chaquira, three in confectionery and two in mechanics (motorcycle repair) in 5 communities where the project intervenes. 134 people participated (96 women / 38 men). Starting in January, a new call was opened for the next cycle, where 45 people from Acatlán have been registered at the moment, while in the municipality of Soyaltepec 75 people from 4 communities have registered.

I participated in the ICAPET course where I learned to make arrangements (jewelry) that help me earn an income for my family."

Verónica Andrés, 29, Soyaltepec, Oax.

Photo: Ornamental trees made with chaquira

In Veracruz, three courses were carried out: screen printing, confectionery and mechanics, in 4 communities. 99 people (88 women and 11 men) were registered. Graduates have the option of self-employment or accessing a job that requires the skills acquired, they can also choose to continue a training in advanced courses.

In the community of Paraíso La Reforma, in the municipality of Tezonapa, a great progress can be observed in the screen printing group. This group, made up mostly of adolescents (in legal working age) and youth, were asked to print balloons for the community celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, in addition to other commissions for other festivals.

The screen printing course brought me a very good reward since, in addition to learning new things and very quickly, I get resources with which I continue to work. It was a great opportunity that came into my life, a new learning and a job that is a source of employment for me and my colleagues. Which is very good because it allows me to improve my community, my income and my country. ”

Luis Alberto, 17, Tezonapa, Ver.

Photo: Mug Printing - Screen Printing Workshop

In both states, activities were suspended due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19. However, courses will resume after the contingency ends.

Photos: Silkscreen (left), mechanics (center) and beauty course (right).