Make mural to prevent child labor

An art route will be held in agricultural communities in Oaxaca to raise awareness in the prevention of child labor.

San Miguel Soyaltepec, Oaxaca, June 9, 2019.- Within the framework of World Day Against Child Labor which is commemorated on June 12, the opening ceremony of the first mural of the route that will be named “Dreamers” was held, which will be held in some communities of the municipalities of San Miguel Soyaltepec and Acatlán de Perez Figueroa in Oaxaca, as part of the Campos de Esperanza de World Vision Mexico  

Fredy Samuel, volunteer and plastic artist, was the one who made the mural, adding to the cause of the Campos de Esperanza project to raise awareness about the prevention of child labor in agricultural fields and ensure the well-being of children and adolescents in communities in Oaxaca, while being able to capture and represent the culture and traditions of the community through art.

This mural was made in a school in the municipality of San Miguel Soyaltepec and is the first of 15 murals that will promote that children and adolescents live free of child labor.

The opening ceremony was attended by local authorities, the creator of the mural Fredy Samuel and the team of World Vision México, así como represetantes del municipio de San Miguel Soyaltepec, quienes cortaron un listón naranja para inaugurar el mural.

The route of murals will continue in another community of the same municipality and now it will be sought to involve children more since the creation of the sketch with the objective that the culture of the community is reflected and that the same inhabitants feel identified in the mural.


The Campos de Esperanza Program is an international cooperation initiative, funded by the Departamento de Trabajo de Estados Unidos de Norteamérica and implemented by World Vision México, in conjunction with the implementing partners Solidaridad Internacional Kanda, A.C. (SiKanda) y Fondo para la Paz A.C .; with the purpose of preventing child labor and promoting the improvement of working conditions in migrant farming communities in Oaxaca and Veracruz in the sugarcane and coffee sectors.

The program has been designed to carry out a comprehensive approach to the problem of child labor, including the following actions: Sensitize communities and agricultural workers to promote the eradication of child labor, school reintegration, health and safety in agricultural work together with The public and private sector. 


We are an international humanitarian organization that works for girls and boys to live free of poverty, tenderly protected and in sustainable communities through projects of: water and health, education, nutrition, child protection, prevention and emergency care.

We work together with families, communities, government and civil society organizations to achieve the integral well-being of boys and girls.

Cover photo: World Vision México / Sarai Villa
Content photo: JKing Photography