Job Training as an initiative to discourage agricultural Child Labor in Oaxaca.

  • World Vision Mexico and ICAPET Oaxaca sign agreement for training in migrant farming communities

On September 26, World Vision Mexico and the Institute for Training and Productivity for Work of the State of Oaxaca signed a collaboration agreement to promote training programs and projects for work in agricultural communities in Oaxaca.

The above in order to promote options that contribute to the generation of decent jobs in areas with high incidence of agricultural child labor, such as the Papaloapan Basin region in which during the harvest season a large number of girls, boys and adolescents participate in The cane cut.

Óscar Castillo, director of the Campos de Esperanza program, considered this alliance relevant and assured that through this initiative that they operate in Oaxaca in coordination with the organization SiKanda AC they have been able to positively influence the development of life skills for girls, boys and adolescents that live in migrant farming communities in the municipalities of Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa and San Miguel Soyaltepec, while emphasizing that as long as adults exercise their labor rights and have fair working conditions, child labor can be discouraged.

In his speech, the director of ICAPET Oaxaca mentioned the commitment made in the current administration is to support families, especially girls and boys, for which he reiterated the institution to its supported load through job training for young people in agricultural communities developed their abilities and find decent work alternatives.

World Vision Mexico is a global humanitarian organization that works to ensure that girls and boys and adolescents in Mexico live free of poverty, protected and in sustainable communities.